We renegotiate contracts with servicers and providers to guarantee a decrease in the HOA costs

Real-time solutions

Contact us 24/7 and we will answer

Transparency and follow-up

Complete access to the financials of the HOA as well as other data of your interest

Savings for you HOA

Negotiation of contracts

We negotiate contracts with servicers and providers to guarantee savings for your HOA.

No unexpected costs

Say bye to unexpected costs that you were never told about. With Lumo, everything is under control.


We continually analize costs of your HOA to indentify opportunities for saving money.

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Immediate solutions

Direct contact

You can call us anytime by phone, through our website or even send us a WhatsApp message!

Available 24/7

We are ready all day, 365 days a year, to solve your issues instantly.

No waiting

We are efficient at finding the best professionals to solve your problems.

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Transparency and monitoring

Up-to-date Accounting

We are professional and agile, keeping your invoices up to date.

No unexpected costs

Whenever you want to review costs, you'll have them available one click away, in an easy to understand format.


We will notify you whenever there's charges. No more surprises at the end of the year review.

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Team of experts

Experts with more than 30 years of experience in HOA management and servicing buildings.
All our HOAs have a professional administrator assigned to them and a team of experts for legal and tecnical issues.

Switching to Lumo is very easy


Arrange an internal meeting

We arrange the meeting in a single click. We
Generamos la convocatória en un sólo click. No hace falta comunicar nada con el actual administrador.

Simple majority

Get 50% of the neighbours, by coefficient, to agree on the change and it will be approved.

We generate the minutes of the meeting

This includes the date and time of the meeting.

Start of work

That's it, now you can rest assured that your HOA is in good hands. We will take care of recovering the necessary documentation with the current administrator.
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Trusted by communities

I wasn't unhappy with my administrator. That being said, changing to Lumo allowed me to see all the information real time. I'm very happy with the change!

Juan C.
Property Owner

After 2 years of changing administrators, we are finally happy with someone. No hidden costs and always ready to solve problems.

Maria B.
President of the HOA

With Lumo we feel completely supported, the professionalism of the service is next level. Night and day with our previous manager.

Pedro H.
Property Owner
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