• Up-to-date and immediate financial information on both the community balance and the payments and collections made.

• Preparation of the annual ordinary expenses budget.

• Control and collection of fund provisions and balance resulting from the year.

• Control and presentation of accounts, settlement of annual ordinary expenses and charges jointly and individually by department and co-owner.


• Attendance at the Ordinary Meeting and the Extraordinary Meetings that are necessary.

• Preparation and notification of calls and minutes.

• Custody of the community documentation of the last five years and of the fixed constitutive documentation.

• Management and control of community employees.

• Advice to the Community of Owners and especially to its President.


• Attention to all community incidents that arise, as well as their management and control.

• Efficient management of delinquency.

• Control and coordination of industrialists and external professionals at the service of the community, as well as price comparison and negotiation of conditions payment.

• Control and monitoring of community claims both with the company and with the insurance brokerage.

• Take, in the absence of the President or the members of the Government Commission, the urgent measures necessary to avoid a greater evil.

• In general, ensure the good coexistence and functioning of the Community

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